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Stats from our Annual Client Survey

At PeopleBank we listen to our clients, and we are driven by what they think of us, and our software! Every year we carry out a Client Survey to gauge perception on key areas to make sure we are constantly listening to our clients and their views, and offering the best service available.

This year is no different - please see some key stats that came out of our survey this year:

  • ● 92% of our clients surveyed rate us as good to excellent in delivering work on time & to the timescales given

  • ● 94% of our clients rate their Account Managers understanding of their business & their business needs as good to excellent

  • ● 95% of our clients rate our understanding of their Technical requests & our subsequent work as good to excellent

  • ● A staggering 98% of our clients surveyed rate their Account Managers service as good to excellent

  • ● 93% of clients surveyed rate our overall services as good to excellent